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Posted - 26 November 2018, Geoff Huggins, NDS Director

A week in NDS

Geoff Huggins gives us an insight into a typical week as NDS Director, working with stakeholders to plan the National Digital Platform: Monday 19 November –It’s essential that the National Digital Platform fits in with other ongoing and upcoming IT developments. So this week kicked off with a morni…

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Digital platforms: what is in it for citizens? image

In a previous post we outlined some of the problems facing clinical and other staff in delivering health and care services, and outlined how a national digital platform might start to help. But as citizens, how’s this going to benefit us directly? Health and care services are intended to help peopl…

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What is this NES Digital Service thing about then? image

A few weeks ago I began to work with some people to develop a new ‘national digital platform’ for the health and care sector. We want to take a fresh approach, both about what we’re doing and how we go about it. So, as people keep asking me: “What are you up to Geoff?” Well, it’s about technology,…

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We are a new team, working to improve how your medical information is managed so that it is available to you, when you need it, safely and securely. We think you should be able to do things like book appointments, get test results, manage your medication and renew prescriptions. To make this happen…

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