The role of good service design in healthcare technology image

One of the things that really made me want to join NDS was that it had a mandate to use the Scottish Approach to Service Design, as outlined in the Digital Health & Care Strategy of 2018. Led by the Scottish Government, the progressive and – to my mind – essential vision of the Approach is that …

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How can product management transform health and social care in Scotland image

Not only is what we are making here at NDS different to how health and social care technology has been imagined and built in the past, how we are making it is different as well.  That means that many of the roles that people have or that we are hiring for are relatively new to the contexts of NHS Sc…

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Moonshots, kind technology and transforming healthcare image

During a recent talk at a digital health and care conference in Glasgow, NDS’s Director (and my new boss) Geoff Huggins asked the room what should be our moonshot? What should be the big, ambitious — even outrageous — goal that we as a team and a community take on as the totem of transforming health…

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