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The collection and interpretation of data is one of the aspects of the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme that makes it so unique.  The current data system which uses a platform reaching the end of its useful life and which was not developed with the specific needs of FNP in mind.

NES Digital were delighted to offer their services to the FNP programme and in the early part of 2017 were commissioned by Government to build a new, bespoke data system that will allow accurate capture of FNP data and provide data reports to users at the level they require whenever they require.  This new system will be known as Turas FNP and development work has now been underway for about 10 months.

When Turas FNP is launched  it will significantly improve working practices across the FNP community in the following ways:

  • Data Managers will enter data with much greater accuracy and fidelity; it allow them to retrieve client data with much greater ease
  • Family Nurses will have an at-a-glance overview of their caseloads and they will have the most important information about each of their clients on the one screen
  • Supervisors will have a real-time display of nurse's current caseloads.  It will be much easier for them to allocate new clients to nurses and they will find accessing data to inform professional supervision straightforward.
  • Reports will allow all users to interrogate and reflect on their data in a way that simply has not been possible until now.

Example Screen - Supervisor Home Page


Example Screen - Family Nurse Home Page


Example Power BI Report – Infant Birth Data

Example Power BI Report – Subsequent Pregnancies